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Greens Oppose Howard Stance On Gay Marriages

August 5, 2003

This is the text of a media release by the Australian Greens Senator for New South Wales, Kerry Nettle.

Gay marriage poses no threat to 'survival of the species'

Senator Kerry Nettle, Australian Greens Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today labelled the Prime Minister's comments regarding gay marriages as "ridiculous, old fashioned and out of touch with current reality".

The Prime Minister was reported today as saying heterosexual marriage was the vehicle for "providing the most secure environment" for raising the next generation, adding, "You're talking here about the survival of the species".

"The implication that without marriage the survival of the species is under threat is ridiculous and the imputation that homosexuality is a threat to our survival is equally ludicrous," Senator Nettle said.

"I want to assure Prime Minister Howard that same sex marriages are not a threat to the survival of the species. Men and women will still have sex.

"There are thousands of same sex couples currently raising children in Australia and providing a secure and loving environment for their children. This is a fact the Prime Minister appears to be unaware of.

"It is a serious concern for the nation when our prime minister is more concerned about outdated concepts of religious marriage than providing a supportive environment for all children and their parents regardless of their sexual orientation.

"The Greens fully support the extension of all rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples to same sex couples including the right to marry.

"To support the continued discrimination against gay couples who want to marry is at best mean spirited, and at worst homophobic hysteria."



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